Water cooling towers

Prevention is the name of the game

It is a well known fact that water treatment in cooling towers is of critical importance for public health safety. A diligent maintenance program can help prevent the spread of bacteria, reduce the risk of legionnaires’ disease and also reduce operational costs while maintaining equipment efficiency thanks to optimal heat transfer.

JR2 Services assures the maintenance of your water cooling towers and ensures their sound management by offering a comprehensive maintenance program that consists of:

Water treatment

Based on the program established by your organization.

Collection of samples

A certified technician visits the site to take the necessary samples to determine if your facility meets the established standards.

Cleaning of cooling towers

An operation carried out in an environmentally sound manner. JR2 Services performs the verification of the status of all components.

Cooling towers water treatments: Following your maintenance program to the letter

By law, managers of cooling tower facilities must have a maintenance program drawn up by an expert member of an appropriate professional order. The chemical product supplier usually provides such a program. You can also call an external consultant, and JR2 Services can put you in touch with a recognized professional.

Is your maintenance program established, approved and compliant with standards? JR2 Services makes sure to apply it thoroughly and advises you on certain aspects.

The JR2 Services advantage means
  • Your maintenance program is followed to the letter and according to your schedule
  • Personalized service adapted to your installations and your needs
  • Rigorous supervision in order to maintain the good working order of your installations

Collection of samples: Ensuring compliance with standards

A JR2 Services certified technician visits the facility to take samples in accordance with Standard DR-09-11, Protocole d’échantillonnage de l’eau du circuit des tours de refroidissement pour la recherche des légionelles, published by the Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec. The samples are then submitted for analysis to an accredited laboratory. The objective is to determine the concentration of Legionella pneumophila, which causes legionnaires’ disease, as well as the CFU/L concentration.

Rigorous supervision

Samples must be collected at different times to ensure close monitoring and avoid any risk of bacterial spread. Three essential moments:

  1. When operations are re-started after winterizing
  2. At least once every 30 days during the operation period
  3. Between 2 and 7 days, following a decontamination procedure
The JR2 Services advantage
  • Collection of samples by a competent expert
  • Analysis by an accredited laboratory
  • Application of provisions according to the strictest standards

Cleaning cooling tower facilities

Among the best practices in the maintenance of cooling towers; cleaning, sterilization and passivation before winterizing are at the top of the list. Performed rigorously and conscientiously, these treatments help to:

  • Limit the risk of bacterial proliferation under the sediment
  • Increase protection against corrosion and thus preserve the sound condition of the tower
A proven method

JR2 Services rigorously follow a very strict cleaning procedure, step by step. Our team closely monitors the condition of the cooling tower components to ensure compliance with regulations. You are provided with a detailed report and photos.

Mechanical and chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning with a hot water pressure washer and applying a descaling gel or foam
  • Addition of a galvanized steel protector, where applicable
  • Restarting; we carry out the sterilization and passivation
  • Where applicable, we prepare for winterization
The JR2 Services advantage
  • Thorough cleaning in compliance with the strictest standards
  • Preventive inspection of components
  • Prepared report documenting various interventions performed on your cooling tower
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