Supervision of thermal power plants

Extensive expertise and monitoring adapted to your facility

The way your thermal power plant is to be monitored is determined using the classification notice issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. It is based on the type of installation you have and its capacity.

JR2 Services perfectly understands the legislation and regulations that govern your industry. We are therefore in an ideal position to monitor your facilities, regardless of the type, based on the level of intervention you need.

You can consult the Stationary Enginemen Act and the regulations governing their activities.

Periodic daily supervision

Periodic supervision of pressure vessels is carried out daily by one of our stationary enginemen−a great way to comply with the law.

Continuous supervision 24/7

A continuous presence of a stationary engineman in the engine room or control room is ensured at all times.

Water treatment: A must

Water treatment is crucial to the maintenance of thermal power plants to:

  • Maintain equipment in good working order
  • Reduce operational costs
The JR2 Services advantage
  • Personalized service, adapted to your facilities and to your needs
  • Rigorous supervision to maintain your facilities in good working order
  • Expert advices to optimize the performance of your equipment
  • Ability to set priorities that fit your budget and your business objectives

Periodic supervision

Keeping an eye on your equipment every day, 365 days a year!

By law all thermal plant managers are required to verify their plant equipment every day. JR2 Services is able to deploy one of its certified stationary enginemen to perform the required verifications and record the following information in the master register:

  • Identification of the installation
  • Location, date and time of the visit
  • Installation’s components
  • Readings of measuring instruments installed on the systems and apparatus
  • Description of abnormal conditions and corrective measures undertaken
  • Countersignature of the chief stationary engineman, the owner or his representative, at least once a week
JR2 Services exceeds established standards

There is of course the compliance with legislation and regulations, but beyond your legal obligations, there is the performance and the durability of your equipment. JR2 Services offers even more. During their systematic inspections, our stationary enginemen also perform:

  • A visual and sound inspection of your equipment in order to prevent breakage
  • Water analysis and treatment
Twice a year:
  • We verify the safety components based on an established schedule
The JR2 Services advantage:
  • The most comprehensive customized service report in the industry
  • A digital secure copy of the service report
  • Expert advices to optimize the performance of your installations

Continuous supervision

Uninterrupted operations thanks to a sustained presence

Does your equipment need continuous supervision?
Continuous supervision must be carried out by a stationary engineman qualified for your installation class. He must be present at all times in the engine room or the control room  unless he is replaced by an other stationary engineman who holds a similar or superior certificate.

To operate the equipement in any ways, a person needs to own a class certificate no lower than one degree under  the class required to supervise the installation as a chief stationary engineman.

We are able to assign a team of stationary enginemen supervised by a head engineman who will manage the plant. The team’s tasks include:

  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the thermal power plant and its mechanical and electromechanical systems
  • Supervising and inspecting equipments to ensure optimal operations and detecting defects before breakage occurs
  • Maintaining facilities and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations
  • Planning and coordinating of work
  • Collaborating to the development of a preventive maintenance program
  • Maintaining and optimizing the plant while respecting your budget
The JR2 Services advantage
  • Turnkey service
  • Collaboration with other professionals who have a proven skill set
  • A pool of trained, qualified and competent employees with the necessary qualifications to ensure the continuation of operations
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