In need of manpower?

We find the experts you need. We provide qualified resources.

In the world of stationary engines and water cooling towers maintenance, finding trained, skilled and competent workers is a real challenge. We can help you meet this challenge by offering our employment services, which also include round-the-clock technical support for select personnel. A supervisor also monitors employee performance.

Temporary or occasional manpower for your specific needs

There are many reasons why you may have to find replacement staff to meet your short- or medium-term manpower needs:  accidents  illness, vacation period, surplus of work or shortage of workers. JR2 Services is able to dispatch skilled employees to your facility within a very short time. Capable of adapting quickly, they can easily take over and allow your company to stay on track with its production goals.

The JR2 Services advantage
  • Reinforcements in case of labour shortage or employee absences
  • Qualified experts for all types of facilities
  • $5 million civil liability insurance
  • $1 million professional error and omissions insurance coverage
  • Protection registration with the CNESST [occupational health and safety]

Permanent employees: Long-term partnership

You have long-term needs? JR2 Services can hand-pick a selection of well-trained and seasoned staff so you can benefit from employees who are independent and reliable:

  • A comprehensive evaluation is carried out systematically for each employee: learning ability, energy, appreciation of routine, positive attitude, respect for rules, vigilance, prudence
  • Technical support is available for employees at all times
  • A supervisor visits your facilities regularly to make sure that the performance of our staff meets your expectations

We guarantee your satisfaction or else the employee will be replaced as soon as possible.

Positions available

We are always on the lookout for competent skilled employees.

JR2 Services, an up-and-coming SME is looking for a competent stationary engineman. You strive to be an exemplary professional and have the desire to provide customers with excellent service. Well, so do we! Choose an employer who understands that happy employees are a key to success.

Job description

A stationary engineman operates and maintains industrial machinery and equipment that include pressure vessels and boilers, air compressors and ventilation systems.

As part of your duties, you will:

  • Monitor counters, gauges and controls
  • Make necessary adjustments and repairs
  • Maintain performance records
  • Install, operate and repair all types of refrigeration systems

You must:

  • Have a valid certificate of qualification as a stationary engineman issued by the government (ministre du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale)
  • Have a Class 4, 3, 2 or 1 certificate of qualification in heating and steam engines, or class B or A of the refrigerating apparatus category
  • Have completed a regulated apprenticeship program for stationary enginemen that led to obtaining the required certificate
This position is right for you if…
  • You have good manual dexterity and good depth perception
  • You are thorough and accurate, have good judgment and a good sense of organization
  • You have good verbal communication skills and are a team player

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